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Employees increased the sales of modifiers by 13 times: a new approach in personnel management at “PizzaFabrika”

The federal chain "PizzaFabrika" has 50 locations in 30 cities and has been very successful for over 11 years. Making investments in digitalization of business processes, the company developed corporate software, digitized the quality of dishes, the speed of delivery and other parameters of work. SteadyControl personnel control and management system has become the next link in the chain of business automation. We will show how with the help of the system Igor Sitnikov’s franchisee restaurants achieved 98% of employee efficiency, increased sales of additional ingredients by 13 times, saved the management team’s resources by 2 times and increased the average bill by 26%.
Key results
  • saved the managers’ time by 2 times;
  • 98% is average efficiency of employees;
  • by 80% grew offers of additional options;
  • the sales of modifiers grew by 13 times;
  • the sales of additional ingredients in pizza grew by 6 times;
  • 69% offer conversion in purchase;
  • 26% growth of average bill.

Saved the managers’ time

Igor Sitnikov managers restaurants in Tula, Nefteugansk, Surgut, Novokuznetsk. Today SteadyControl works with five franchisee establishments. Let us have a closer look how the chain of cafes in Tula adopted the system about a year ago.

Initially we focused on the basic standards of work:
  • Work and cashier discipline;
  • Requirements for guest service;
  • Food and beverage service standards;
  • Observation of sanitary regulations.

The system enhances all processes in the zone of front office and every contact with a customer. Audio badges, standard video cameras and integration in cashier software and CRM are used to gather data. And then the technology based on artificial intelligence detects violations.
Received data automatically forms daily reports on every waiter, cashier and bartender. Managers receive ready-made analytics on efficiency for further decision making. During one year of joint work, compliance with the basic standards of PizzaFabrika brand has grown up to 99%. We also managed to bring the appearance of employees and service standards to the ideal. According to Olga Novikova, the manager of PizzaFabrika in Tula, the system eliminated the need to be personally present and the time spent on operational control became 2 times less.

During one year of joint work the compliance with the basic standards of PizzaFabrika brand has grown up to 99%

Negative patterns were replaced by thrill: 98% is the average efficiency of employees

To have a high level of training of personnel PizzaFabrika developed the system of distance learning that certifies and confirms qualifications not only of line employees but also managers.

Igor Sitnikov’s team has exceptionally high requirements for the work of employees. To ensure compliance with them, PizzaFabrika team developed a motivation system based on employee performance indicators in the system. These are the requirements to the waiters:

  • minimum compliance with standards — 98%
  • average — 99%
  • maximum — 99,8%.

The bonus of every employee is based on total evaluation criteria from work discipline to the quality of guest service. The hourly rate of an employee increases by 20%, 30% and 50% respectively depending on the indicators in the system.

A new approach to personnel management ensured growth of efficiency of line personnel and managers as well. Today the average compliance with standards in the restaurant is 98%.

Olga Novikova
Managing director of «PizzaFabrika» in Tula
Just like any innovation elsewhere, during the first moth the system aroused distrust of the staff. But as soon as we provided access to personal account to every employee and introduced the system of motivation negative reaction was replaced by the thrill. The employees wanted to work better in order to break the previous month record and earn more: the most efficient employees get up to 10,000 rubles in bonuses. With SteadyControl system even new employees quickly join the work as they see their gaps and areas for growth. Finally, an opportunity to focus on strategic goals without losing operation control appeared.
SteadyControl system
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Ensuring the stability of service

The control of each business process eliminated basic violations and ensured the stability of customer-focused service. In 97% of cases the employees started to follow the rules of greeting guests, in 100% they showed their goodwill. SteadyControl system allows to manage the delicate processes and service that distinguishes the brand: smiling staff, wishing a good day and bon appetite, offering high chair and children’s menu.

Waiters learnt how to get feedback. In 76% of cases, they ask if the guest is satisfied with the quality of dishes and the service. And when having a disputable situation, they use rules of non-conflict communication which allow them to resolve the problem on the spot and avoid negative reviews on the Internet.
PizzaFabrika team developed detailed regulations that reflect all work requirements. With SteadyControl system it became possible to accumulate all corporate documents in a very convenient form. So, each waiter and bartender have access to the Knowledge database.

Employees increased sales

One of the most important results when working with SteadyControl system is the increase in sales initiated by waiters. In the beginning only 12% of guests received an offer of an additional position. And in February the figure rose up to 92%: the waiters began to offer each guest to have one more drink or a dessert after the main course.
A significant achievement of the team was the high compliance with the key process: offer of specific positions. The system helped not only to increase the initiative of waiters, but also to analyze customer behavior using the conversion tool. It shows on a daily basis how often visitors accept the offer of a dish and which scripts lead to a successful sale. So, it turned out that 69% of guests willingly follow the waiter’s choice.
A rapid growth in sales of modifiers occurred during one year of work with SteadyControl system. Competent work with scripts and high efficiency of employees at PizzaFabrika allow to sell 13 times more of additional ingredients monthly: in particular, the sales of pizza modifiers increased 6 times.

Igor Sitnikov

Фанчайзи «ПиццаФабрики»

SteadyControl system increased sales and strengthened customer-focused service. The growth of personnel efficiency influences the average bill directly: in September the increase was 26,56% year-on-year. Right after success in Tula we added other cities to the system.
SteadyControl system is recognized as a leader not only in HoReCa, but also in retail, gas stations, car dealers, large-scale retailing and other industries. Owing to the integrated approach of personnel control and management system, "PizzaFabrika" was able to increase the efficiency of employees, perfect the service standards, increase active sales and the average bill. As a result, we managed to bring the service to common standards and operational management became 100% objective and transparent.

Key results

  • saved the managers’ time by 2 times;
  • 98% is the average employee efficiency;
  • by 80% grew offers of additional ingredients in the bill;
  • the sales of modifiers grew by 13 times;
  • the sales of additional ingredients in pizza grew by 6 times;
  • 69% offer conversion in purchase;
  • 26% growth of the average bill.

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