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Having a remote business: how to manage a restaurant remotely

During the last three years the trend towards remote business management has greatly increased. Companies have adopted remote type of work successfully, reorganized the structure and optimized their processes to increase the sustainability of enterprises. This allowed owners and top managers conveniently manage the concept being anywhere in the world and having access to all processes and data.
Automation has mostly affected the back-office system. Nowadays the technology market offers a large number of solutions and methods for digitizing the "back" of business. But is it actually possible to repeat the success in the "front" - in the zone of interaction with a guest? Let’s see how such companies as "Dodo pizza", Subway, "PizzaFabrika" and others use SteadyControl personnel control and management system to increase the efficiency of processes in which line employees play the key role.

Full transparency of work

When it comes to remote control, it is quite easy to imagine working with accounting, stock control, marketing and document management. However, in such spheres as restaurant and hotel business the most important processes take place on the first line — the territory of interaction with a guest. SteadyControl system has become the first solution on the market that allowed to get away from manual management and digitize the most unpredictable part of business.
SteadyControl personnel control and management system is based on artificial intelligence and combines the latest technologies of collecting data, analytics and modern management practices.

With the help of audio badges, cameras and sensors the system increases efficiency of line employees working in retail, HoReCa, gas stations, car dealers and other spheres. SteadyControl methodology allows you to improve key business processes: work discipline, the quality level of service, staff motivation and development.
More than 50 000 cashiers, waiters and managers in Russia, the Czech Republic, Belarus and Kazakhstan work daily with SteadyControl system mastering their skills in customer service and making their service perfect.

Due to an integrated approach the system analyses daily interaction with a guest and allows you to manage remotely the following processes:

  • Work discipline and appearance;
  • Cash discipline and work standards with CRM;
  • Product displays, keeping your place clean and sanitary;
  • Initiative and basic service;
  • Working with stop lists and active sales.

Managers or owners get reports with links showing violations of every employee. Therefore, the system automates management and eliminates the need to personally control the employees and use outdated control methods like mystery shoppers or check-lists.

Tatyana Sakharova

Собственница сети «Мама наготовила»

For quite a long time my husband and I personally controlled the operation of our network: every morning we visited our places and manually did the control work with the check-lists. When new cookery spots opened — it took all our time. In addition, we travel at least three times a year and the rest of the time take business trips around the country. So, we were looking for a solution that would automate the operating system and leave the manual control behind. SteadyControl system did not just help us, it actually replaced managers in all our places. And now no matter where in the world we are — we have access to our business.

Manage the service from anywhere in the world

High-quality service management is the basis of any concept, but in chain projects it becomes even more important. During crisis the service helps business overcome difficult economic conditions without losing customers. Regardless of the price segment and the chain format achieving a stable quality of service in every location is a very challenging task. In projects with wide geography or in cases when the owner is not able to personally control all locations, additional tools are required.

The system analyses the work of line personnel showing even slight violations of standards. At the same time the employees see their mistakes and gaps and in special section of Knowledge Base every waiter or cashier will know which process to work on. SteadyControl enhances the management cycle and the owner receives a guarantee that every guest will leave the place being satisfied.

Anna Shamrai
Chief operating officer, Bagel Lounge chain of cafes
Our cafes are located in 5 cities of the Czech Republic. When the SteadyControl system was introduced, we received a true and correct view on the team’s work and the level of the service. Working with SteadyControl Support team and detailed reports we have a clear understanding what steps should be taken to improve the customer’s experience in all our locations. This is 100% working tool for us.
Along with the basic processes like neat appearance of an employee, polite greeting and farewell, serving rules, initiative, the system also allows you to bring compliance with fine service standards up to 100%. For example, the skill to have a small talk with a client, apply the rule of non-conflict communication, offer a high chair or a stand for a bag. The flexibility of the system allows to add any criteria in the configuration.

You will take balanced decisions from anywhere in the world. And system algorithms in cooperation with SteadyControl Support team will take care of operational control.
SteadyControl system
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More than 50 000
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Increase sales efficiency without personal presence

One of the priorities in personnel control management system is to increase the financial return of the service. The increase in compliance with work standards allows to eliminate simple losses, acts of theft and cash fraud and also strengthen the processes which have direct influence on the revenue.

During the first month of work with SteadyControl system the companies manage to minimize their lost traffic. The employees learn how to work through stop-lists and master active sales taking into account the initial request of the guest. Cashiers offer dish modifiers and topping more often, they inform about promotions and combo sets, suggest larger size of the drink, waiters offer desserts after the main course. So, from being chaotic sales turn into a stable process that all employees follow.

Olga Novikova

Managing director of «PizzaFabrika» in Tula

SteadyControl system made the work of managers much easier. Finally, they had an opportunity to focus on other tasks not losing operational control. There was a powerful leap in sales of modifiers during one year in our restaurant in Tula, they grew by 13 times. Customers ordered additional pizza ingredients 6 times more often. And it all happened due to involvement and motivation of our employees.
SteadyControl system allows to test hypothesis of customer behavior and on the basis of gathered data form the sales model. The "conversion" tool records how often guests accept the offer of certain dishes and which scripts lead to purchase. Owning to "script conversion" the business knows how to build service that generates revenue.

Roman Berestovskiy

Master Franchisee, Subway

Our restaurants are located in 5 cities and it is not possible to personally monitor the service in every restaurant. SteadyControl system makes it possible to manage both the customer service and sales. For example, last year we had a goal to boost sales of our sandwich "15/86". The system made it possible to strictly follow the script of offer and make sure that the activities of employees directly affect the conversion. From the very beginning of working with the system the restaurants started to bring record revenues.
The methodology of SteadyControl system including deep financial analytics and many years of experience of the Support team, helps to increase the efficiency of employees, find effective approaches and increase the share of revenue. The experience of such companies as Subway, "Dodo Pizza", Suchi Wok, "PizzaFabrika" and other foodservice chains prove that. Join the market leaders and explore the future of operational control today.

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